Zoints Features

Sal Collaziano

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Jan 8, 2004
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Zoints provides an easy means for you not only to create an incredible profile, but to connect with new people and manage those contacts in an efficient manner.

Configuring your profile is a snap! You can simply drag and drop any of the blocks to the desired location. Don't like a block? Simply click on the
and it disappears (it can always be added back later). An example of a block being dragged to a new location:

If you don't like the look or color of your profile, you can change it with a single click. Zoints comes with different color default styles, you can create your own, OR you browse through hundreds of member created and shared styles in the Style Database. An example of how easy it is to change the look of your profile:

The interface for creating a new style and editing single blocks is very easy to use:

There are three editing modes. "Advanced" where you can drag and drop blocks, "simple" which allows blocks to be moved with arrows, and "disabled" which shows you your profile as other members would see it. Switching between the three modes is quick and easy:

There are MANY additional blocks you can add to your profile with just a couple clicks. Or, if you're a more advanced user, you can code and use your own (Zoints allows most HTML and .css to be used). An example of some blocks:

If you like .rss feeds, there are quite a few ready for you to add. Or, if you want to use one not already provided, you can create a new .rss block VERY easy using the "create new block" system:

There's a lot to do on Zoints. You can meet new people and add them to your network:

Search for others using the powerful search system:

Rate other members or let them rate you:

Add "interest tags" that, when clicked, show you other members who share those same interests as you:

The "network interests" block lists interest tags that those members who are in your personal network have listed. The more people who share an interest, the larger the tag becomes:

If you want to let others send you a real quick message, why not utilize the "social actions" block?

Some sites just have "friends", Zoints goes the extra mile and lets you have friends and any other group you want to create. YOU create and manage your groups:

Zoints has an extremely powerful permissions system that allows you to show the content you want to the users you want. You can show different content to one group than you do to another group:

There is so much more to Zoints than what has been listed here. Dive right in and explore the system for yourself!