Wiring help please!


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Oct 8, 2020
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I recently installed a new power brake vacuum booster on my 68 Cutlass S convert and in the process ( what a chore) of doing so I discovered a broken wire and I can't find out where it should attach. if I stretch it to it's furthest extreme it only goes as far as the wiper motor. It broke off clean and I don't see an copper wires on the wiper motor or any of the connectors. It appears to be all black and runs along side a thicker red wire across the firewall from the drivers side towards the wiper motor and I have no idea if it is a hot wire ,a switched wire, or ground at this point ,or where it might have been attached. It apparently broke as I was attempting to reach the inboard nuts for the vacuum booster. Could any of you Cutlass owners take a look under your hood and let me know where you might see a corresponding wire on your vehicles? I sure would appreciate it. This car has been sitting for 25 years and with all the other problems it now has, this is the most frustrating so far!!!