Touch up paint


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Jun 29, 2009
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I picked up some touch up paint today, turns out my beautiful Eighty-Eight is finished in Light Adriatic Metallic.

I love the color, and most of the finish is still in amazing shape, even on the roof and hood. There are however a few spots on the plastic trim on the driver side door...

...and on the bumper...

...where the paint has chipped and flaked off right down to the plastic.

The touch up paint I got has two methods of application, a pen style tip for fine scratches and a small brush like that of a nail polish bottle. I'm ready to slap some paint on those ugly spots but I am wondering if I need to prepare those bare spots with a primer. I don't want the touch up paint to fly off the next time I'm at the car wash or peel away while I'm waxing it.

Any suggestions?

I'm also curious about adding a clear coat after I touch of these spots and am open to suggestions as to what to use and how to make it blend in good. I have some 3m rubbing compound that has been amazing on surface scratches and also took away marks left behind from de-badging. Maybe rubbing some in after touch up, before a clear coat, or after a clear coat too?

I'm not expecting perfect results but anything will look better than the yellow plastic peeking out on my door and the black spots showing on my bumper. Thanks for reading...