Retrofitting power seat or otherwise raising seat -- 78 Delta


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May 30, 2021
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Philadelphia PA
Hello everyone,

I just joined this forum as I just acquired a '78 Delta 88 sedan (yes, the green one that was on Bring a Trailer, if you happened to see that). As happens with auctions, I bought the car without actually sitting in it first. I am, shall we say, not tall, and the manual bench seat is LOW. The top of the steering wheel is at about my forehead level. I feel like a kid who needs a booster seat to eat at the grownup table.

What are the best solutions for getting some height? I think I need 3 to 5 inches. If I want to convert the seat to power, is my only alternative to track down an original set of functional power bench seat tracks, motor and transmission (anybody have one?), or is there a good aftermarket option?

Since I'm the only person driving it, I'd consider just using some technique to mount the seat higher. I actually did that myself on my Corvair, using washers both between the seat and the track and between the track and the floor. But there I was OK with just an inch and a half to 2 inches extra height. I need more height here -- probably more than the seat and track mounting bolts can give me safely.

Is this something that a good interior shop can do, or is their expertise just cosmetic like upholstery and headliners? If not them, what kind of shop?

Thanks in advance for all help and advice?