Remove Front Quarter Panel 1998 Cutlass


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Dec 25, 2011
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Ok so i eat a deer in my front passanger side . I wasnt going to fast. but it did a hell of a number. For now, Im going to bang out the front quater panel and i got a used Head Light assembly im going to throw in. But i see the bolts up top but wondering if anyone has any expierence with these front quater panels what is usually invloved in removing them. I will eventually replace it all
( bumper, Hood, Panel. ) but just need to get the head light assem. in. untill winter is over.

I had to take the bulb out of the bad one and put it over in the good one, since the good one low beam died, and the bad one stayed good lol.
Both High beams work tho.
i removed the bulb the polish way i think lmfao i removed a few plastic screws from the wheel well, lol but found the way to do it online, the next day hehe.

You cant see that good in the picture, but the head light assemb, is blown to pieces, lol. sux.
thank god its only body damage, steering and alignment is still exellent.

EDIT: it was going home after the UFC Fight, ya know the one where he RETIRED like a girl lol.
and yes i backed up to the nice size doe, poped the trunk, threw her in. went back to my buddys, stung her up , now shes in my freezer. damn thats an expensive deer.
EDIT2: wonder why my airbags didnt go off.... (thank god the didnt ) im not complaining...
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