Olds 88ls 1997 3.8l


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Jul 19, 2018
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I've been the second owner of this luxury boat for 5 years w/o many issues until last year when the dreaded p0171 code appeared. Since then I've tried every fix I could find w/o luck until a few days ago when the car actually went 144mi before the code came back. Now I also have a tranny code p0187 which I'm told spells doom for the tranny. I'm wondering if a slipping tranny could also trigger a p0171 code or if they are independent.
For context-I live where the car needs to be emissions checked every 2 years and mine has failed repeatedly because of the 171 code.
Tho I love the car and it's otherwise in excellent condition, I'm not sure I want to risk $2K on a tranny rebuild if I still can't get rid of the 171 code.
I'd appreciate any knowledge about whether the tranny can influence p0171