New Owner of 81 GMC C1500 with Olds 350 motor


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Aug 21, 2017
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Sooooo.... I am a Honda and Toyota person but I bought this truck... It is an 81 GMC C1500 and it has an oldsmobile 350 motor in it... Supposed to go pick it up in the next few days. The current owner told me all it needs is a battery and a carburetor. It has been sitting for a couple of months tops but before that was daily driven by another older fellow.

He has the carburetor and gaskets. I asked if he would let me try to put the carb on, throw some gas in the truck and a hot battery in it and see if I could drive it home.

I DO have 2 other carbureted vehicles, an 86 Corolla SR5 and a 1973 Gremlin X. Have not gotten them running quite yet due to my busy schedule, but I do know that with the Corolla, all of the vac lines going to the carb can be capped off, save for the distributor line. Is this the case with these Motors? Are there any diagrams you might could share with me to make the job a bit easier? I would hate to sit in the mans driveway for too long trying to figure it out, or worse, mess something up!!! Any advice is great, and much appreciated. Just having quite a hard time trying to find the correct diagrams and whatnot.