New 1984 Delta 88 Owner


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Jun 11, 2017
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Ontario, Canada
Hey everyone,

I'm new here and just bought a 1984 Delta 88 with 81,000 original KMs.

There are only a couple small issues that I've found so far. One of the bigger more daunting ones being the red illumintaed BRAKE warning on the dash. I'm a young guy so I have no idea where to begin with these cars. I have a bit of automotive knowledge so fixing the issue shouldn't be a problem.

I was however wondering if someone could point me in the direction of where to start diagnosis. I have gathered that the park break tends to sag on these causing a light so I'll give that a look first. Further than that where should I begin?

Also I have a slight modification I'd like to make to the car and that is to install dual exhaust and possibly louden it up a bit. For those who have done this, what do you recommend as far as mufflers (if any) and exhaust routing?

Thank and hope to enjoy my time on here!


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Sep 12, 2016
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Buffalo NY
Red Light does multiple functions

The red light has three meanings:
1.) Low Brake Fluid
2.) Parking brake switch is closed ( meaning the pedal is touching it )
3.) There is a low vacuum in the power brake booster ( the big black round thing
under the hood by your brake master cylinder.

You can google all these things to review.

I can tell you that brake fluid in my 82 was all gunky.
I took a turkey baster and sucked it all out and recylced it
at Sears. I poured in fresh.

I can tell you I replaced the Master cylinder when I saw how gunky it was.
I can tell you my rear brake wheel ctlinders were slowly leaking.
I replaced them.
My rear brake lines were bad so I replaced them.
My Parking Brake cables were shot so I replaced them.

I can tell you I tightened up my parking brake cables so there
we taut.

I never had the Brake Booster fail yet.

Now all three conditions are OFF so my light is OFF.

So there you go.
About two weekends of work ahead of you.
Parts are pretty cheap so that is a bonus.

Google everything.
There are you tube videos on it all.