Hot Engine starting issues


Roy Ale
Aug 17, 2019
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Victoria B. C.
I am having Hot engine starting issues . My area is having above average summer temperatures . My car starts good when cold , but when the engine and engine compartment gets Hot then the engine has a hard time getting restarted , it will start but takes a while for it to sort it self out . I must lift the hood when i stop the engine to let the heat out or it may not restart. If i could take the hood off for the summer the car would run fine .
The carb is a Rochester Quadrajet .

I think part of the problem is Ethanol in fuel , I think the internet says Ethanol boils at 173 F . Are you able to buy fuel with out Ethanol ? So the Ethanol will boil in the carb float bowl when you shut the engine off !

Some of you must live in hotter areas than me . Are you having Hot engine starting issues ? What changes have you made to reduce this problem ?
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