Dreaded P0340


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Dec 26, 2020
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First I bought a new Dorman Camshaft sensor. Put it in, still getting the P0340 code. Next I cut and put in a new harness connector on the camshaft sensor and crankshaft sensor, still getting code. So I read somewhere a failing alternator can cause feed back and throw the P0340 code, so bought a new DB alternator. Nope still getting the code. I ordered a acdelco crankshaft sensor, but waited to install it. I bought another brand of camshaft sensor, a Standard motor product. Installed when it came in and behold the code was gone, so the Dorman camshaft position sensor was a dud. UGH, so just because its a new part doesn't mean its a good part. Thankfully Amazon is great about returns, I sent the crankshaft sensor and the dud camshaft sensor back. The car is a 2000 Oldsmobile Intrigue GX, my daughter paid $300 for it. I replaced the valve cover gaskets, water crossover gaskets, intake phlemun gaskets, brake pads, coolant reservoir tank, GM water pump and found an Aurora water thermostat housing assembly with the correct thermostat in it and took the thermostat out and put into the intrigue's thermostat housing. Once I filled the car back up with coolant, I had the passenger side jacked up and allowed the car to run and several times opened up the air bleed cap on the radiator to release the air, all good no overheating. Changed oil and put ring seal in it to help with the smoking. The car runs great and no more P0340 code. Also, a note on installing the new alternator, you can get it out without removing the thermostat housing assembly. You just have to remove the fan assembly, top motor mount and have someone use a prybar just under the head to lift, once lifted there is just enough room to slide the old alternator out and slide the new one in. I am posting this to hopefully help someone having the dreaded P0340 code. My daughter is lucky she has a mom who likes working on vehicles :)
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