Dirty engine.


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Sep 11, 2022
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1995 olds cutlass supreme , 3.1L , has not been taken care of too well. Oil sludge down all four sides of the engine. Need to clean all four sides of the engine in order to find the leak. Had this car a long time. Always got a inspection sticker every year, no problem. This year I took it to a diff garage for a sticker and would not pass because of the oil leak he called excessive. Could be dangerous he says. The car has been like this for over 20 years. Belongs to my wife and she drives 2-3 times a month in city. The car doesn’t seem to lose oil, either. My big thing is to clean the engine all the way down around to find the leak. I have a case of Gunk engine cleaner, ready to spray but can’t because of the mess it would leave. Can’t do it in the back yard, neighbors around would complain. Can’t do it in my garage, no drainage. Can’t do it in the driveway, gunk would run down the street. Gunk also has a strong petrol smell. My problem is I can’t find the right garage that would do this. Oh, don’t forget, got a rejection sticker, so can’t get caught driving or be towed by cops. I know the possibilities of where the leaks might be but need to find out before throwing money at it. Being a 95 with 101,000 miles, is it worth my time. The cost of having this done compared to buying a used car is about the same to me.