Cranks but no start


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Dec 29, 2018
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I have a 2003 Alero with a 2.2L and a standard. 210000 km 130000 miles It stalled in a parking lot a few seconds after starting it . After getting it home I found the spark ignition very hot. After pulling the coil pack out I found a coil split open from heat. I the coils from 2-3 cly tested open. I replaced the coil pack and the ignition module. I now have spark but still will not start. I tested fuel rail pressure. 55 psi. I checked the timing chain it is snug and appears to be in time. But I did not take the front cover off to check for sure. but the valves are rocking when the piston is at the top of the stroke. Compression test is 120/90/85/110.
I removed the fuel injectors and cranked it over. the injectors fire out fuel in a decent pattern. I drained the fuel tank and added new fuel. thinking maybe the fuel is bad or contained water.
I checked the exhaust for being plugged. the exhaust is open and flows freely.
As the last kick at the cat I changed the spark plugs and there is no improvement to starting.
The engine kicks a little as if it is trying to fire on 1 or maybe 2 cylinders but it wont start.
Two different code readers say there is no codes on the engine. While cranking over the scanner reads engine rpm of about 150-160 so that being said I believe the crank sensor is reading properly.
I have been told its the security system. I don't know how that works but how would that stop it from starting when it cranks and it has fuel and spark

Any help would be appreciated