66 Oldsmobile 442


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Aug 23, 2020
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VIN 338176m392161
Engine. 390925
Miles 136,550
Selling my 1966 Oldsmobile 442 cutlass f-85 coupe V-8.
This car has been passed down to me from my dad so I do not know a lot of information about it. The Restoration started in May of 2014 and competed to where its at now in 2016. It will need to have the body work finished. All the stuff needed for that is with the car. It will also need the Clutch linkage adjusted due to it was popping out of gear before it was parked. Also needs new tires. It’s been in my garage parked now for a couple years and due to financial situations I am having to sell it. It does have the original body, Original motor and brakes but I do now know if it has the original Transmission, man 4.
Low value that I have found is 26,000 while high value is 58,000. I’m asking $35,000.
Any advice would be appreciated