66/67 330 water pump problem


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Dec 29, 2020
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Bought a 1980 Chevy c10 that someone swapped the diesel out for, according to the block and head numbers, is a 330 out of a 66 or 67 olds. We are going through and fixing a lot of problems on it like removing unused wiring and replacing worn out parts and the water pump was shot. Replaced it with one from O'Reilly Auto Parts and everything bolted up just fine except the water pump pulley is too long. After measuring and doing some research it appears we had the extra long water pump and replaced it with the short version. I thought that wasn't a big deal and ordered a new pulley the same diameter but shorter from Summit. Now the pulley hits the crank pulley and I don't know where to go from here. I can't seem to find a smaller water pump pulley that is deep enough to work and I can find a smaller harmonic balancer but can't find a crank pulley that is smaller without replacing all the pulleys with a billet kit. Anyone know where I can get the correct water pump, a water pump pulley, or a harmonic balancer and crank pulley that will work?