65 cutlass smoking -->PVC valve?


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Nov 23, 2021
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So I seem to be hearing conflicting advice here--on one hand, that the PCV valve is integrated with the breather tube on the passenger side, and on the other that the PCV valve is on the driver's side valve cover. I've looked all over, and I can't seem to find anything canonical on this.

FWIW, the two spark plugs that I've looked at seem (to my inexperienced eyes) to be carbon fouled. I'm going to do a compression test tomorrow.

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For what it’s worth, early 65s didn’t have pcv valves. So there was nothing in the drivers side valve cover. Later 65s did. The crankcase breather canister goes into a grommet in the passenger side valve cover. The canister contains a filter element, has a fitting that goes to a vacuum line and then there’s a main tube that is part of the top of the cannister that connects to a very short hard hose via a clamp, and the short hard tube in turn hooks to about a six inch bent metal tube that then plugs into a short rubber (maybe it’s plastic) connection that plugs into a hole in the air cleaner snorkel. And I’ve looked online for all those parts for years and consider my self lucky to have found a picture of the assembly. I had one company tell me they had the canister but they sent me one that fits 66s and 67s. They swore it was interchangeable but it absolutely is not, so don’t fall for that misinformation. I saw someone advertising the entire assembly minus the snorkel fitting for $150. Play with names when searching. I think the right name is crankcase breather canister but valve cover oil breather canister might work as well.
Some smart guy with a 3D printer should make some and sell them to the rest of us.