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Roy Ale
Aug 17, 2019
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Victoria B. C.
My AC has the original pump , it leaks oil , makes a mess . I am thinking about not fixing the AC . On the 307 engine you cannot remove the AC belt or the other belts will squeal . So what are the options ? leave AC pump in place to have the belt help turn the water pump as some day i change my mind and want to fix the AC or remove AC pump put in an AC delete idler pulley or remove the AC pump and move the alternator to the passenger side of engine .

If the Power steering pump was the only thing on the left side ( drivers side ) maybe i could have a PS pump with the power bar square hole , like in the picture , that would sure make it easy to adjust the power steering belt. But not sure if this PS pump would fit a 307 . The PS pump in the pic might be off a 403 olds engine .

move the alternator to other side of engine. Have you done this or thinking of doing this ? what engine would the brackets be off of ? a 307 that did not have AC ? or an alternator bracket from any olds small block that did not have AC ?


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