2001 Oldsmobile Intrigue throws the ABS/TCS/SVS lights and the ABS kicks on when stopping on dry roads - C0550

May 8, 2014
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SE Michigan, USA
Well, my 20 year old car is at it again with the same lights popping up: ABS/TCS/SVS.

On Thursday, it threw the lights on while turning into my neighborhood and yesterday, the ABS kicked on when the roads were dry when I tapped my brake pedal lightly and threw the lights again.

I plugged in my scanner and it pulled a code error C0550 - ECU Malfunction. One thing I need to mention is I removed the grease from the underside of the hood with soapy water and I believe that's the root cause or corrosion somewhere that's making it have a fit.

The car runs fine, though and nothing else is wrong electronically speaking, except for the ABS/TCS system. Could it be that the pump assembly just quit all of a sudden, a corroded connection somewhere, or a bad sensor?