2001 Intrigue cooling system questions

May 8, 2014
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SE Michigan, USA
Good morning. I got a lot of air pockets out of the radiator by loosening the drain screw on the radiator with the coolant tank cap removed prior to getting the high mileage oil change in my car at 122,230 miles. In my car, I have a new thermostat assembly (housing with gasket and t-stat) and new water pump that have not been installed yet. Currently, the temperature is at the 1/2 marker and the fans are still functioning without issues. In fact, the heater still works, however, I have a few quick questions here.

1) Would it be better for me to replace the thermostat assembly and water pump, even though they both work?
2) I accidentally chipped part of the bleeder screw for the radiator off when I was putting it back in and tightened it too hard. Should I replace that with the passenger front on jack stands and the floor jack and bleed out the system some more?
3) Where can I find the hose that connects to the t-stat housing to the front engine hose (not the radiator) at?
4) I know it's better to replace hoses for the cooling system when replacing something. Is it a good idea to replace the radiator hoses, even if the radiator is original to the car without any signs of leakage?
5) Which temperature threshold is normal for the car for clarification? I heard between 195 and 210F, just want to make sure that is an accurate threshold and currently, my car is a bit above 210F (217F), but, I believe there are more air pockets than I thought.