2001 Alero "stuff"


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Apr 6, 2016
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I have a 2001 Alero that I recently replaced the multi unit switch (turn signal and wiper control) on the steering column as well as the hazard switch. I installed the multi unit switch with no issues. When I put the new hazard switch on, my turn signals blink fast. Thinking it may be the multi unit I had another one sent to me with the same results. I then put the original hazard switch back in and noticed the turn signals blinked normal. I did this with all of the multi unit switches and the result was the same (this includes a second hazard switch replacement).......the new hazard switches caused my turn signals to blink faster. I have a third hazard switch ordered from Rockauto that should be here today. Has anyone ever experienced this when replacing a hazard switch? If so, is this something that is fixable without having to rely on the original parts?

Also, my center vent (the one right right above the radio) came out in pieces so i'm needing a new one if anyone knows where to find one or has one available. Mine is the gray colored vent. I've seen the same shaped vent in an Olds Intrigue. Anyone know if this is interchangeble with an Alero?