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    Ron Memmer, Ron's Classic Cutlass Issue

    Ron Memmer of Ron's Classic Cutlass of Monticello, Indiana recently took a look at some still boxed New old Stock parts I had for a 1971 442. He represented himself as a 442 expert and said I could trust his expert advice. He wrote down what he said were actual retail prices of my parts, as...
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    Ebay: This guy has a LOT of good Oldsmobile stuff

    I was looking around on Ebay for some stuff for my Calais I-Series when I stumbled across this seller. He has a LOT of OEM NOS vintage stuff, look through what he is selling, you might find something you are looking for...
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    Wiper Arm

    I am having trouble finding a replacement wiper arm for my 1982 Toronado. The original part that broke is a TRICO part number P-89813-103. The wiper blade snapped off one day and I have not been able to find anyone anywhere who can match a wiper arm replacement for me. I only recently got this...
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    parts is parts

    Hey guys, I periodically find myself in various yards. If there is something you need, let me know and I will take a look for you. Here's the deal though, to avoid a problem, you need to give me all the info on the car, sometimes you may know the info, but I can't read minds, I'm trying, but...