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    Passlock Security System Help!

    Hello all! I drive a 2004 Alero, I know the Passlock security system on these cars are a nightmare, and I've gotten used to it. However it has gotten much worse over the course of the last six months. I try and start the car and after it turns over it immediately turns off and the security light...
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    Post Ignition Switch/Lock Cylinder Replacement

    Hello to everyone... I was having multiple issues with my 2000 Olds Intrigue that included no high blower, then no blower at all, climate control stopped working, cruise stopped working, rear defroster didn't work either... I know it wasn't required to replace the lock cylinder but I went ahead...
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    E022 tps

    Only code I had was E022 but I drove it 15 miles since that code appeared & now it stalled several times after starting, especially the second i hit the gas. Today I had to tow it home with my truck even though I had parts with me, its to hot in Vegas to do a roadside repair with a baby on...
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    i just bought 97 aurora and it starts w/o key!?!?

    i just discovered that i can turn the whole key housing without the key and start and drive the car. there is a security light that stays on the display constantly displays low coolant- change oil, etc.... the check engine light is on gas gauge doesnt work and stereo doesnt work!???? what cous...
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    '00 intrigue starts sometimes

    I have a 2000 olds intrigue that half the time will not start the starter does not turn over, battery and alternator are good what happens is if i try to start it and this only happens some of the time been happening more recently lately the starter doesn't turn over all the lights and other...