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Oldsmobile Forum: 1968 Toro headlight switch problems
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Old September 4th, 2013
KarlJay KarlJay is offline
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1968 Toro headlight switch problems

I'm working on someone's 68 Olds Toro and the headlights didn't stay open so they were wired open.

I dug into it and found 2 problems:

1. the vacuum activated switch under the vacuum canister was open.

2. the second vacuum line is missing.

I repaired the vacuum switch. It's the one that has 5 ports.

two small ports (open/close)

Three larger ports (vacuum source, vacuum open, vacuum close)

The problem is that I only have ONE vacuum line to operate this switch and it requires TWO.

Q. Is there supposed to be two small lines to this switch?

Q. Is the inside light switch supposed to get it's vacuum source from a 'T' near the vacuum canister (drivers front fender).

Q. Does the inside headlight switch have 3 vacuum lines (source, open, close)? ... if not, where is the source for the other line?

I see two larger vacuum lines near the center of the engine compartment, but I don't see the second line that would be used to operate the switch I fixed.

A diagram would be great if someone has a link.

thanks for any help!
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Old September 7th, 2013
KarlJay KarlJay is offline
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Found a solution.

I bought a C3 (68-82) corvette headlight relay valve. It has 4 vac ports instead of the 5 the Olds has, but that works great considering I can't find the other vacuum line.

it was $52 out the door, so if any of you need a solution to fix the vacuum to your headlight, this might do the trick for you.
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Old September 22nd, 2013
68RocketAction 68RocketAction is offline
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I am very glad I read this. I have been trying to find a replacement valve for my 68 for some time and have had no luck. Mine leaks vacuum and only works about 15% of the time. Its a royal pain having out of the car almost every time I want use the headlights and tinker with that stupid slide. Plus its also kind of embarrassing.

Here is the diagram from the service manual. I am assuming you must be missing the red vacuum line?

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