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Oldsmobile Forum: EGR ? 1991 Trofeo
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Old December 25th, 2017
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Originally Posted by alvissaladin View Post
Thanks for the replies, but again: original parts catalogue shows NO EGR for 1991 and 1992 Toronado engines.

My engine (original L27) has no fitting or any mounting for an EGR or the egr pipes or egr electrical connector and no pluged or closed (welded) hole in the exhaust pipes what could be an evidence for a former existed EGR.

Also I do not believe that a 3.8 would work with a (homemade) complete eleminated egr system.
The drawing from cutlass350 must shows a later engine (1993 up) or from another car. Drawing date shows 1994!

I m not the only last generation 91/92 toronado/trofeo owner in this forum, I guess. Friends, takes a closer look to your engines, please.


I found this answer in this thread http://pontiacbonnevilleclub.com/for...hp?f=12&t=6161

Just for note...

GM used the Tuned Port 3800 without an EGR from 1990( in some models ) to 1992... And the 3300 v6 from 1989-1993 also did not have an EGR..

Both of these engines passed emissions without the aid of EGR valves... But over a short time GM found that these engines were burning exhaust valves and cracking the tubular manifolds due to the higher combustion temperatures...

In 1993 GM reinstated the EGR Valve on the 3800 Vin L Tuned Port... The 3300 did not get the EGR as it was in its last year of production..

I have seen both the EGR'less 3800 and 3300 with Burnt valves.. This was not a Problem on the 3.8 Vin 3 or the 3800 Vin C as both of these had an EGR valve..
Hi Iím having the same problem with my 92 olds 88 royal LS so if certain engine models donít have an egr to replace to bring engine temp down and reburn gas how do I get it to pass emissions in Colorado? I passed on everything but NOx 3 times what could be wrong ? Or needs replacing? Iíve even tried sea foam
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