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Old July 10th, 2011
pogster pogster is offline
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'95 Ninety Eight Regency Elite, all the options except sunroof, 59755 miles or 96167 km. Runs, looks and operates like new.
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Old July 16th, 2011
shiner-bock-beer shiner-bock-beer is offline
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shiner-bock-beer is on a distinguished road
1998 Regency

65K miles. All original. Just some AC control issues.
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Old August 19th, 2011
95OLDS88 95OLDS88 is offline
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115,000 miles ! She is just getting warmed - up
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Old August 25th, 2011
CoventryCat86 CoventryCat86 is offline
Join Date: Aug 2011
Location: Connecticut
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1996 Regency Elite 143,000 miles. It was a one owner, little old lady from Florida & New Jersey and it looks like it was always garaged, she turned 79 this year, donated the car to a charity who sold it to me. Engine and transmission appear to be original.

I had a '94 98 Regency but it was a rust bucket. The body mounts for the sub-frame literally rotted away making the car pretty much not drivable. I still have it for parts, it only has 125,000 or so.
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Old November 30th, 2011
evamarie7 evamarie7 is offline
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Location: nova scotia, canada
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i have a 1984 regency 98 with 70,000 , everything original although the vinyl roof needs replacing and the headliner is starting to sag, will get around to it this summer
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Old November 13th, 2013
Polymath Polymath is offline
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Location: Austin, TX
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Originally Posted by Polymath View Post
Got my 1993 Regency almost 6 years ago at roughly 140k. Hard to believe it's been that long! Has 185k now.

Bought it for $700 because it was ugly -- peeling paint, minor dent in rear, etc. A/C has never blown cold. Eventually I'll replace the compressor with R134a. For some reason, the compressor doesn't kick in anymore when I turn on the A/C. And when I first start up the engine, the temp gauge blinks for a minute. Know what that's about?

So far, in no particular order:

Put some Michelins on it.

Pads and one caliper. One rotor.

One wheel hub assembly.


I have a spare brake master cylinder that I haven't installed. I noticed a slight leak below it where it mounts to the firewall.

The power steering pump (I think) is leaking. Fluid is being slung about by the belt. I need a new belt too.

Some rubber hoses need to be replaced.

Basic stuff like fuel filter I've done and need to do again. Same with plugs and wires. I haven't done the PCV yet. Need to. I use only full synthetic oil. Mid-grade gas.

I'm going to try adding some fuel and oil additives to clean things out.

Someone tried to steal it once. Busted up the column housing and innards. Still looking for a new one! I think the ignition switch was misaligned before that anyway. Occasionally, I'd turn the key and nothing. Now, I engage the switch "manually" on the left side of the column. I bypassed the security with a resistor matching the one in the key.

I need a left front fender if anyone has one. It was cracked when I bought it. It came without a radio. I'd like to find the stock radio so I can use the steering wheel controls. Got one cheap?

Window switches suck. Door lock switches suck.

Overall though, this car kicks ass. I plan on keeping it a long time. Until gas becomes unaffordable anyway.
Well, two years and eight months later, and it's about to hit 220,000 miles - and still going strong!

Since my last post, I've done:

- three more wheel bearing hubs

- brake master cylinder, a caliper, pads, wheel cylinders, and shoes
* For some reason, the back brakes don't self-adjust for the emergency brake

- throttle position sensor (twice; first replacement was defective)
*cleaned the throttle body while I was at it

- plugs and wires

- coil packs and ignition control module

That's all I can think of for now.
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Old November 15th, 2013
ReggieEL ReggieEL is offline
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My '92 has 65,775 miles. I love the car. I am looking forward to having it for a very very long time.
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Old February 6th, 2019
95olds98regency 95olds98regency is offline
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Join Date: Nov 2018
Location: richfield idaho
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95olds98regency is on a distinguished road
95 olds 98 regency elite 1

just turned 150k the other day and still runs strong after a long of repair form the previous owner and still a lot to go. since i got this car last july and then it sat for 3 or 4 months waiting on a title i finally got the title and started work on it.

i got rid of the ugly aftermarket grille and found a nice oem in the salvage yard. also aligned the hood and replaced the broken turn signal lense and tail light and pulled the dent out of the rear door a little to make it open and close better but still got a long ways to go.

For what i have done to the engine is the normal maintenance items (oil, air, spark) along with the upper intake and the lower intake gasket and the one coolant line which was a whole fiscal and didn't need done cause the culprit was the water pump. got a new air box since mine was destroyed and a new headlight mounting bracket. i suspect that is has been in a few accidents but none serve enough to get reported. it has newer headlights on it. i just put a new ac compressor/accumulator on it but now i am having trouble getting it to kick on so i suspect the digital climate control since the passengers side is wacky. i also put in a new fuel pump/filter/rubber lines. i need to replace the one o ring on the one hose in the engine bay i have it so it won't leak (basically played with the o ring a bit and it sealed back up). i also put in a new ac delco temp sensor (since that is the only one that will work). replaced the pcv valve.

for the interior i fixed the seats recline function just to get stuck again so i need a better solution. i got a new/used oh shit handle. and that is about it i need a drivers door panel bad and a passengers as well but the color is just hard to find, also one of the overhead console doors is missing.

I ended up putting a whole new trunk in it because it was missing so i pulled it out of park avenue which also had the nice heavy duty mat liner in it. i now know why it was missing cause i got really wet in there and now i got to find the hole in my trunk. i suspect by the taillight on the passengers side.

Upgrades to come
I want to add the cornering lights so i pick up a set out of the salvage yard with the harness to the split. i have a feeling that i am going to figure a way out to integrate it into the harness somehow some way.
i also got a auto dimming rear view mirror which is the same way but i think i can splice it into the interior lights.
i also got some of the 98 letters that i would like to add to the quarter panel

Repairs to get done
find the hole in the trunk
finish the a/c repair
new spark plug wires (which i have)
new maf sensor (on the way)
o ring replace on fuel line in engine
possible a cat converter (not sure now since it runs better after replacing the pcv valve)
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Old February 6th, 2019
95olds98regency 95olds98regency is offline
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Join Date: Nov 2018
Location: richfield idaho
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95olds98regency is on a distinguished road
more pics

i also upgraded the stereo to a cd/cassette unit from the 97 i had before i wrecked it and i need to fix all the chrome trim and repair the car since it is a peeler.
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Old June 15th, 2019
hawgfan hawgfan is offline
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Join Date: Jun 2019
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1995 Regency Elite, 131,000, three previous owners, always garaged. Bought it from the son of the second owner. Needs bumpers painted and want to find some chrome trim on a roll that is close to what the factory put on the bumpers.
Previous vehicles include a 1983 98 Regency 2 door, 164,000 miles, 1984 Brougham 4 door, 138,000 miles, 1982 Brougham 4 door showed 84,000 but I am sure was 184,000, and 1986 Custom Cruiser (woodgrain delete) every option but sunroof, 184,000 miles.
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