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Old January 6th, 2016
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New Tires

I've got a '94 98 Regency that's due for some new tires. Currently has 215/70R-15 Michelins and they've been great. I see Costco has some 235 75R 15's for almost the same price. I'm wondering if anybody has ever tried putting larger tires on their Olds 98's of this era?

I had an '83 Cadillac deVille RWD that called for stock 215/70-15 tires and put 235's on it and it worked very well. Nice big heavy tire that would go over anything (potholes, refrigerators in the road, anything . . . and didn't interfere with wheel clearance or steering. The Cadillac had a proper frame and body while these Olds's are stamped out - what's it called, unibody? So clearance might be an issue but maybe not. I'd like to get the bigger tires. Anybody every tried it?
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Old January 7th, 2016
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-Might be kind of tight tight with the skirts out back! Get out your tape measure! Not sure if they will fit or not. Larger tires are always worth a try.
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Old November 11th, 2017
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I'm getting back to this thread I started what seems like years ago, but only one or two I guess . . . .

First of all, I DON'T HAVE SKIRTS. I've seen them on other '94 98's but mine didn't come with them and since I see no purpose for them I've not given them any thought beyond I'm glad I didn't have to take them off and figure out a place to store them. What practical use are they, if any?

When I started this thread I was shopping for new tires. I had had Michelins which I put on new when I bought the car back in Ft. Gibson, OK (I live in San Diego). Those wore well. Evenly. No scrubbing on the outside edges. I was at least 10K over their advertised lifespan but rubber was getting pretty thin. I'd had no flats and didn't want any.

I would have went with more Miehclins but some motorhome friends recommended MasterCraft tires from Summit Racing. Even with delivery cost they cost less than the quotes from Wal-Mart or Costco on the same or equivalent quality tires. My friends recommended MasterCraft, made by Cooper in the USA. They use them on their RV but also on their four wheeled vehicles and praised their quality. So I bought some. My car was just stolen today but from the time I put the tires on until today the tires never lost a pound of pressure nor had a flat. They rode well. Quiet. They felt and looked "strong" whatever that means. They are sturdy tires. I put on a width wider than the book calls for - I always do that. Example: Book calls for 215/70/15 I'll go with 225/75/15 and have the speedometer adjusted if necessary. I like a lot of rubber on the road.

I highly recommend Mastercraft tires from wherever you might find them. Summit had the best prices back when I was shopping.
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