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Oldsmobile Forum: window regulator
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Old November 4th, 2017
billcarson billcarson is offline
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window regulator

my old gal came back to visit me and she runs very good still,albeit lacking a/c and an operating drivers side window.i replaced it in 2011 so even the top of the line dorman is just a bit better Chinese junk.i love to repair things but the crap parts have taken the fun out of it.hope all you regulars are doing well.
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Old November 7th, 2017
mikeaurora mikeaurora is offline
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I still have my 00 GX, had it now for13 years and it has 170,000 miles on it. I replaced the cloth seats with a nice set of leather seats and made the passenger seat power when I did the swap. I did the AC unit back in 2010 prior to my daughter taking it to LA for a semester's internship. It still runs great, no leaks, still looks great, I just don't drive it much anymore as I have a collection of cars so none of them really get many miles put on them. I did find a nice GL for my neighbor (she's 91) and she has driven it for the past 5 years with mostly minor problems (other than the AC I put in it this past summer). I have done window regulator/motors in both her car and mine, but they are very easy to do and fairly cheap so I consider that a step above an oil change. The AC job is another matter, you can take it out through the wheel well but the first time I did it I removed the radiator and also had the alternator rebuilt and replaced the water pump and the pulleys since I was there.

I recently did the crank pulley/balancer on mine, that is a real job I'd rather not do very often. Other than that, it is still a great car, dependable, and there are still a lot of them on the road around here, but most of them are showing their age. I'll keep mine as long as I can since it is a nice, clean and comfortable driver that I can take anywhere (like downtown) and not really worry about it since it's not really anything other than a driver. Mine looks great, has bluetooth, a good sized sub to go with a nice head unit that also gets HD stations, newer crystal clear headlight housings and nice shiny paint with chrome Aurora 17" wheels and 245/50-15 Eagle GT's, so it handles great for a larger car. It has the same Optima Yellow top in it that I put in it back in 2009 that still test's out at 900 CCA after sitting overnight (rated ar 650), these are great cars if taken care of, as mine and my neighbor's prove.

It is a shame how there are very few posters on this site anymore, but I have other cars and I frequent forums for them too and mostly all are not as active anymore either. It's just the way things work, cars get older, people get newer cars and have families, take the car to the dealer...I've always worked on my own cars and could afford to waste money at dealerships but chose not to get raped by dealer service writers. That's my opinion. And unless I cannot do a repair, I park a car until I can figure out how to solve my issue without relying on a dealer (not opposed to using local garages where I have developed a relationship for things I don't want to do or cannot do).

I've owned lots of cars in my almost 50 years of car ownership, many great cars and I have a lot of cars now (9 on my insurance poliicy and only my wife and I are drivers). My Intrigue will always be one of my favorites, it still looks and runs great and was always underestimated in my opinion, especially the 3.5 engine-if it has been kept in good condition with clean oil and filters (synthetic only), never over heated, no leaks, not beaten, it is a great runner that can go a lot of miles.

I'm with you, I wonder where all the other owners are too.
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Old November 8th, 2017
billcarson billcarson is offline
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Join Date: Jun 2009
Posts: 350
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Mike thanks for the reply and was curious on how an ac replacement would go.even though not mine any longer it is still in the family and felt great when i test drove it,man i miss that car.engine runs smooth and strong at 130k mi.always ran syn oil and replaced every 4 months.would like to do the job for her next spring but these cars are difficult to work on as many parts must come out to replace things,then there is like you say,while i'm in there.so we will see how the old girl makes it through the summer and decide then.you are right a very underrated car especially the engine.
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Old November 8th, 2017
sparcx sparcx is offline
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Originally Posted by mikeaurora View Post

I'm with you, I wonder where all the other owners are too.
I think part of it is because a simple google search will pick up all the relevant answers on this forum for the common issues.

Our Intrigue still runs well and I see them regularly all over town. They're holding up. Plenty of leaks on mine though. Valve cover gaskets leaking oil. Coolant is leaking somewhere too for quite a while, but it's not overheating. I just keep topping up since I don't think it's worth investing too much for a car that I only use for local driving.

I have had mine 17 years so far, but relatively low miles for the age at 150k. Largely because I use it for local driving I think rust might be the only thing that pushes me to give up mine since i live in the midwest.
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Old July 11th, 2018
wolfvan88 wolfvan88 is offline
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Note on Dorman window regulator, it comes with a Lifetime warranty. So if it breaks, they will replace it. Mine broke and just as I was about to order a new one, saw the lifetime warranty, emailed and response was, we will replace it.

Many Dorman parts come with lifetime warranties...

Just a FYI for any readers.
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