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Oldsmobile Forum: 2001 Intrigue temperature went to 3/4 marker
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Old May 5th, 2019
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i owned a 2000 with a 3.5 and put about 100k on it in maybe 10-12 years and sold it last summer to someone I knew with about 170,000 miles on it. I also owned a 2001 Aurora with a 4.0 v8, very similar design and management strategies for both engines. They have 195 (92?) thermostats in them that BEGIN to open at 195/192, and are fully open at 208-210. The fans come on at 222 (shop manual) and shut off at 205-they cycle on warm days to just above 222 down to low 200's, going back and forth. If the AC is on the fans run and should keep the engine around low 200's to mid teens. The dash temp gauge is vague at best as are all GM analogue gauges IMO. Get a Accugauge for around $70 and monitor what the sender is telling the ECM digitally instead of the interpretation of the analogue gauge. When the engine is hot, the top radiator hose should be rock-hard, and after is shuts off and sits for hours, the level in the surge tank should drop a good 2-3 inches (cold and hot lines provided). Consider how old the water pump is, since you cite it running hot at lower speeds it might need to be replaced-a pita job since the room is tight, but it can be done without too much struggle. I wouldn't suspect the head gasket unless you saw steam or smoke, coolant in oil/oil in coolant. bubbles in the radiator or constant misfire codes especially in adjacent cylinders. If you really suspect HG issue you can get it checked for gases in coolant. Pretty sure if you have a real HG problem you'd know. I tell people don't EVER run an aluminum engine hot, and change the oil often with full syn and a decent filter. Problem is these cars were designed to run hotter for better emissions, so if you see REAL temp concerns (not analogue) figure it out before it does become a head gasket which is pretty much fatal on these cars since the resale is so low anymore. That's a shame because a nice one is still a fun car to drive. My 93 year neighbor has a 2001 Intrigue with traction, sunroof, leather, only 120,000 miles. I take care of it, it does have some rust now and needs a good going over, but is still really clean and runs good. It has factory chrome wheels and an OEM radio (boo) but other than than, I liked my Intrigue enough that I wouodn't mind still having one even though I am very familar with weak points.
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Old May 5th, 2019
01OldsIntrigueOwner 01OldsIntrigueOwner is offline
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The spring and summer weather in my state makes my car heat up faster than before. I think it's air in the cooling system, however, the coolant recovery tank still has plenty of coolant in there. The head gaskets are still good, no misfires (the Blue Driver OBD2 scanner Mode 6 shows that the car passes without issues, except for emissions as the engine light's on for a bad fuel pressure sensor or bad contacts somewhere out there). Sometime tomorrow, I'm going to purge the cooling system beforehand to eliminate possible causes. I have a new water pump, however, I'm going to need to flush the cooling system a couple of times so that way the contaminants that might be in the coolant doesn't destroy the new water pump. However, I don't have an impact or air wrench to get the bolts off of the water pump and I'm afraid that I might strip the bolts off.

My car has a fair amount of rust in some spots:

1) Under the driver side and passenger side rear doors have holes, which I can get fixed by getting new metal welded on and a fresh paint job on the whole car
2) The scissor jack mounts or the floor jack mounts on both sides are rot and crumbling, but, the car can still get lifted safely on the sub-frame with either a floor jack and a piece of 2x4 or the electrical lifts at the repair shops

The sub-frame and the rest of the underbody (minus the carpet on the inside) under the car and under the carpet aren't rusty and still look great after 18 years. And during the spring, summer, and fall seasons (hardly in the winter season), when the seeds, leaves, twigs, and stuff fall off of the trees and when it's raining outside, I get a bit of water in my trunk where the spare tire is (one time, it was frozen water and almost all the way up, except, no rust there, which is nice) and on the carpet on the passenger side. Might replace the stripping for the trunk and the doors, and how water gets in my car when it's raining outside with all of my doors and windows closed is beyond me, possibly because of the debris (leaves, seeds, twigs, and other stuff going inside the gaps under the trunk door and the hood) being there and I don't have a shop-vac any longer as the motor in that seized up and I might get a new one.

For the fuel system issue, I can access the fuel pump easily and can replace said parts without hesitation, except the fuel level sensor needs about 3/4 of the tank empty so I won't get gasoline all over the place when I remove the pump to get to said sensor. Going to purchase a new level sensor and pressure sensor, replace them one by one, and install the new fuel filter as well, or I can take my car to professionals and they can replace them.
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