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Oldsmobile Forum: 93 Achieva wont start
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Old October 9th, 2013
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93 Achieva wont start

I'm getting ready to work on a car for a friend. All I know is that it's a 93 Achieva and that it will turn over but won't start. He has pulled the plugs and they are wet with gas so it's getting fuel. Any suggestions from anyone who has worked on these cars before where to look? Once I can get to the car and do some work on it myself I may be able to provide more information.

Thanks ahead of time,

Doug B.
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Old October 22nd, 2013
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Did you get the car fixed?
I have a '92 and a '94 Achieva.

Quick things: You must read the error codes.
Imho, do not even touch the car until you read the error codes.

Or, steal a '93 Achieva that works, and cut out the VINs and swap. Hey, if you think that sounds stupid, imho, it's less stupid than trying to work on an EFI system with problems without reading the codes.

If the engine is getting gas, and the engine turns, but the engine does not start, then chances are, there will be error codes.

Most likely: Crank Position Sensor. GET A GM CPS!! You will be wasting TIME AND MONEY IF YOU BUY ANYTHING ELSE! Take that from someone who has gotten screwed a number of times from buying a non-GM CPS. My replacement GM CPS is now going on 10+ years. I never had a non GM CPS last even 6 months - PURE JUNK!

The CPS is behind the starter - where GM likes to put them on Olds engines.

After that, the ignition module is a good thing to consider. Get a used one. They don't go that often, and the non GM ones are like the non GM CPS sensors - garbage. A new GM ignition module is $$$$. Imho, I'd rather replace it every 5 years. FWIW, *I* am still on the original on my '92. But, every car is different.

FYI:GM OBD-I reader:
NOTE: The Achieva's require a different/special reader for it's ABS.
INNOVA 3123 GM Code Reader
Price: $19.99

Every now and then, a good used GM OBD-I reader with a decent LCD display appear on ebay:

FWIW, imho, for someone that owns and works on a GM car with OBD-I, then they should invest in a decent OBD-I reader.

Good Luck!

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Old February 7th, 2014
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93 Achieva wont start

I have a 93 Achieva SC

BTW What kind of engine do you have..? 4 or v6?
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