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Oldsmobile Forum: HELP! i got the dreaded " HOT....AC DISABLED" ....
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Old August 30th, 2019
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HELP! i got the dreaded " HOT....AC DISABLED" ....

Ive owned this 1995 OLDSMOBILE REGENCY just over 10 years. I love it and has sentimental value to me. Bought it with 43k miles now it has 89k miles on the 3800 series 2 v6. the vehicle doesnt get too much use but i do keep up with the fluids and turning her over 1 time a week.
This "Hot..AC DISABLED" message pops up while im driving and the motor stalls out. No check engine light or anything over heating. Its even happened pulling out my driveway. Saving me $ on a tow back home. Mind you its NEVER over heated while ive owned it. Did some internet digging and changed out the Crank shaft sensor , coolant temp sensor , fuel filter. Also most top end gaskets & tune up was done less than 1500 miles ago (AC Delco). Still nothing. I can hear the Fuel pump engage just fine if i turn the key. I love this olds and id hate to have it sit in a shop for x amount of time while they throw parts , labor and storage rack up to the hundreds of dollars. To not fix the problem.

Please i dont care how old this thread becomes. List any and all things that could help the next olds owner to help find a solution. Thanks in advance.
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Old August 30th, 2019
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Does it have a temp gauge? Is the engine overheating? The A/C is shutting down because it thinks the engine is too hot. If it isn't overheating, replace the coolant temp sensor.

Clint Smock Jun 26, 2009
Try driving it with the coolant temp sensor unplugged and see if you get the same message. If this is a 3.8 series 2 the coolant temp sensor is attached to the intake near the thermostat. It has a yellow wire and a black wire going to it and it is covered with a silver cardboard little heat shield.

The message you are receiving usually wont shut down the engine.

What does fail on these vehicles and causes the concern you have described is the crank shaft sensor.

This sensor heats up with the engine and after time and mileage once it has heated up it loses its signal and the vehicle will stall out.

Then after the vehicle sits a short period of time it will then re start and run again but may repeat this problem again.

This usually doesn't cause any codes to set in the computer which makes it harder for a dealer or shop to diagnose it unless the vehicle is acting up in the shop at the time.

This sensor usually costs less then $80 and about 1 hours labor to have replaced.It is seated behind the crankshaft pulley/harmonic balancer and usually requires special tools to have it replaced.

I suspect this is what is most likely failing from what you have described here as I have had to replace allot of these before to correct this problem.

Let me know if you need anything else,click accept if you feel satisfied with your answer as this is how I get credited for my time,Thanks Pete!

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