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Oldsmobile Forum: New Oldsmobile 98 owner with questions
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Old February 11th, 2010
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New Oldsmobile 98 owner with questions

Just recently picked up a '94 Ninety Eight Regency Elite and have a few questions about it.

The first problem is that on occasion the driver information centre will say 9 Hot.... AC Disabled. Any ideas why this is? The car is clearly not overheating and it comes up when I starting it up cold first thing in the morning.

The climate control only seems to blow air to the upper defrost and lower vents even when I press the various other settings. As well, the temperature setting on the display will flash for a minute or so when I first start the car. I'm guessing that there is a vacuum leak somewhere or that the controller is defective? Any area I should start to look at?

I have the air ride suspension and I've noticed that I'm getting a lot of front end rebound when travelling over uneven road or dips. At lower speeds when crossing speed bumps for example, there is very little excess suspension rebound. If I set the ride to firm, it improves noticeably. Do most owners replace the air ride shocks or do they convert to conventional shocks? How much am I looking at for new front air shocks?

The last of my issues are electrical gremlins. The passenger side window does not operate until 10 minutes of driving. It will go up and down fine after that. Also, the passenger lock does not seem to want to unlock after operating the power unlock switch. Do I have to remove the door panel to inspect the actuator? The driver's mirror heater does not appear to work and the glass is always yellow. Something tells me that it is tied in with the self dimming mirror system unless it is always supposed to be tinted like that? Lastly, the driver's side seat will go back but not forward and will lower at the rear but not go up. Is this a switch issue or is a motor possibly defective? Thanks for the help in advance.

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Old February 11th, 2010
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The most likely reason all your climate control settings are blowing out the defrost and lower vents is probably vaccum related, whether it be a leak or simply a disconnected hose. This happened to my 1990 Ninety Eight once and it was a disconnected vaccuum line. A good place to start would be to check all the vaccuum lines and connections and replacing the rubber connections if they are cracked and/or dryrotted.

The blinking climate control display most likely means a "code" is stored in the climate control system. I had a 92 Buick with this issue, and the code numbers could be shown by pressing and holding the "off" and "warm"/temp up buttons on the climate control, but this may not be the same with yours (yours is probably a newer system), but it's worth giving it a shot. This might also be related to your "AC disabled" reading when you start the car.

Hope this helps with at least a few of your problems.
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Old February 18th, 2010
94ninetyeight 94ninetyeight is offline
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Thanks for the advice. I will check into finding the codes on the climate control. Does anyone know how this can be done?
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Old February 26th, 2010
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I've got a non-Elite '94 Regency with the analog dash and am also currently working on gremlins too, although they are not as widespread as yours. I don't know what to say about yours since I'm still very much learning, but generally check your grounds and vacuum lines.

I got a genuine '94 98 service manual on eBay for about $30. I also finally figured out what to buy for a code reader that will work on the oddball 94/'95 3800 powertrain. These cars have OBDI software with an OBDII connector. Be very careful when buying a scan tool/code reader for your car as most of them, such as any you would find at O'Reilly's for sinstance, will not work. Call the manufacturer's technical support & confirm things before you buy anything. The manual calls for using a Vetronix Tech1 scan tool. For these cars, that's the best you can do. They are pretty pricey $350 - $650 on eBay and you have to be careful that you get the right connector and cartridge for your car. I'll eventually have these. In the meantime, I've bought an Actron CP9150 for $226 with free shipping at:


It works on the 94-95 3800 GM powertrain, as well as most everything else up to the present.

It's not as good as a Tech 1, from what I'm understanding from the manual and my own current experiences, but it will read codes and in the long run is likely to save you some money.

If these cars were straight OBDII you could use a $50 code reader, but they aren't. They were "transition" years for the OBD progression.

Also, you might research the Buick Park Avenue forums as they are much better attended than this Olds forum and the powertrain is exactly the same.

Re the suspension, I put Air Lift bags in the back. Easy installation, inexpensive, stopped the compressor from running, lowered my headlight beams which I found to be difficult to do because of rusty fittings - just generally a great thing to do.

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Old August 30th, 2019
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Any help with the "HOT AC DISABLED" message on your digital message center??? Ive been at my wits end tring to fix my olds. Changed out most top end gaskets , coolant temp sensor , crank shaft sensor , fuel filter ect.... And nothing.
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