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Oldsmobile Forum: TPS issues
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Old February 1st, 2014
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TPS issues

friends cutlass ciera had a new TPS put in, now the engine idles higher or lower depending on "the cars mood". thinking it may need calibration but not sure. Speedometer is not working as well, it will be intermittent working/notworking. The engine will stall if the idle drops too low. When he drives and gives it gas he doesnt get the power or pick up that he normally should. Can someone give us a hand or some pointers of where to troubleshoot next please?
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Old March 7th, 2014
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new tps =must be set with a volt meter-DC volts - to a max?? im guessing here 4.5?? yet best look in youtube for the olds TPS stuff! its there & shows u exactly how !!
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Old December 8th, 2018
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Old thread but a common issue. All the engine sensors work in tandem via the ECM. The VSS(Vehicle Speed Sensor) also comes into play. You'll find it underneath the alternator on the transmission several inches back from where the CV axle splines into the tranny. There are two things that cause the speedo to bounce around or not work at all. First and most likely is the VSS. The ECM and Tranny use the VSS to control many things...idle, injectors, shift points etc. So, I would put the old TPS back on and replace the VSS. You didn't mention why you replaced the TPS in the first place, so I am assuming that you had to start somewhere. By the way, you cannot adjust the TPS output. You can test it with a volt meter however. The second thing that would cause speedo issues is the ignition control module(Under the coils). The new VSS should fix both the idle and speedo issue's. While your at it, remove and clean the IAC(Idle Air Control) and its seat inside the throttle body. Its located right above the TPS. Clean the throttle body and plate(Butterfly) by removing the rubber intake snorkel. Clean the MAF sensor since you removed the snorkel, if your year car has one. 1996 on have them and a few 95's. How old and nasty is the air filter?
Check all the vacuum lines attached to the upper intake for cracks, brittleness etc. Follow the lines back to the other end checking as you go. Main one to inspect is the PCV line where it connects to the upper intake, on top, right behind the throttle body. The rubber grommet is notorious for disappearing. Engine will still run but has idle and power issues if its gone. If it is gone, remove the line and clean it and the intake with brake cleaner. Reinstall using a short piece of rubber hose that will just fit in the intake, and seal it with Ultra Black RTV/ Silicone. You'll have to let it cure overnight before you start the engine.

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