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Oldsmobile Forum: Value of Aurora 2001/ 145.000 miles
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Old August 3rd, 2016
huzg444 huzg444 is offline
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Value of Aurora 2001/ 145.000 miles


at the moment I'm thinking about selling my Aurora 2001 4.0L with 145.000 miles. Condition is good, only the sunroof is leaking so I had to seal it.

Car appraisal sites show extremly different value estimations for the car. Which prince range is realistic? I'm living in Iowa.
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Old August 3rd, 2016
C&C C&C is offline
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I did KBB and got 500 to 1150 and did Edmunds and got 1131 (private sell), about 660 (trade in). Those numbers are pretty close. Depending on condition, options and who you want to sell this too, I'm thinking around a thousand bucks.
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Old August 4th, 2016
huzg444 huzg444 is offline
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Thanks for the quick response. A year ago I bought it for 2300, maybe too much. I'm thinking about selling it since it already has some problems. I had to replace brake pads and it got a new battery.
To be honestly, I'm confused by the prices shown by different sites.
Here, my model seems to be in average relatively expensive.
Same here and here on KBB. On KBB, it also says that as a buyer I should consider paying around 1800.

I probably should just give it a try. I'm not very familiar with the US car market.

I'm wondering if anyone sold this model in the last time and can give more information from experience.
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Old August 11th, 2016
swagled swagled is offline
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Around my area you should be able to sell an old used car for $1500 if it runs ok and passes inspection. Usually anything advertised for $1000 also mentions some things to fix, or that it "ran when parked".

But - maybe yours is a "thousand dollar car".
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Old February 1st, 2017
mikeaurora mikeaurora is offline
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I just sold my wife's 2001 Aurora 4.0 yesterday, 149,000 miles, for $3000. We have owned it for a little over 11 years, and it was always garaged, immaculate and pretty much a daily driver, I always did oil changes at 3-3500 miles, full synthetic, and it had a yellowtop Optima, new 235/50-17 Cooper tires, chrome 17" OEM wheels, drilled/slotted rotors and new ceramic pads, and no damage with original, very nice dark red paint. The condition of the car is very important, and the first person who drove it bought it. It does have minor flaws like the air pump setting an occasional P0410 and ABS/Traction control fault when cold. I did really take care of it while we owned it and always parked it until I fixed any major problem, and advised the new owner if he paid attention to the engine temp, drove it gently when cold, and changed the oil with full synthetic at intervals of less than 4000 miles he should get another 100,000 miles out of it. We really enjoyed that car, but the gas mileage was getting to us, and she drove it 35 miles a day, five days a week for 11 years of city driving, so it was time to go. We replaced it with a 2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid which, so far, is getting almost 35 miles per gallon (city driving), a very nice car.

This also means I won't be lurking here much anymore, after all these years, but we still have a 2000 Intrigue (with 170,000 miles) that, too, is in pristine condition. I might put it up for sale in a couple of months as we have 6 'drivers' on the insurance policy now and are looking to downsize a little (getting older). I have a lot of cars in addition to what is part of our drivers, and really considered the Aurora 4.0 a collectable, but really had no room for it, so I think the guy who bought it will appreciate what a great car it is and will care for it as I did.

Your car is worth what someone will pay for it, but one that has been well taken care of,, is very clean, including under the hood, and is desirable can fetch more than the so-called book value if you take good photos, write it up well and have patience. Good luck.

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Old April 11th, 2017
bumpinJ bumpinJ is offline
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Mike, sounds your 2001 is in great condition. I saw another 2001 Aurora with 180k miles which also garaged keep and recently got new Mickey Thompson tires, selling at $3000.
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