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Old July 5th, 2005
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I am looking into getting new rims and tires for my 85 Toronado. Does anyone know of any sites? And suggestions on what I should get is appreciated. I don't want anything too big. I want some tire there, I just think it looks bad to have giant rims and no tire. But I don't want the rims too small. Somewhere in the middle. I would just stick with what I have but I really hate hub caps. They look bad and they are annoying. And I can't get them to back on right. And they look really bad. What size wheels should I get? I don't want to affect perfomance much. I don't even know if it does. But I am willing to sacrafice a little for looks. My car isn't much on cornering anyway. And also I heard it affects the comfortable ride. I don't want to affect that much either. But, once again, I am willing to sacrafice a little for looks. I was thinking it would be funny to add the spinning ones even though I really hate those and it would look bad. Does anyone have or have had a Toronado or something similiar and replaced those rims? Once I get sites and suggestions I can photoshop a little to see what it will look like. Does tire width matter? I didn't know you could even change that. I thought there was one width for tires and it was called 'tire width'. Any help/suggestions is appreciated.
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Old July 5th, 2005
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Tire width can be changed, but you also have to drop down in the height of the tire to keep it the same diameter. Stearing response and handling increase, but the the becomes stiffer for every size up. However, you need to use the proper tire width for the wheel width.

I believe 79-85 Tornado wheels have a 5 x 120.7mm(4.75") Bold Patern w/ a FWD Offset. This can give you several options, because this is the same pattern as 4th Gen F-bodies and 4x4 S-Series truck/suvs. The Problem however may be finding one that looks good on a LuxoCoupe.

First, the easy...Caddy used a 15x6" Aluminum wheel that same year for the Eldorado. You'll want to use either a 215/75 or 205/75 tire on this wheel.

16" wheels in that pattern are usually offered in 7-8" Widths...you'll want to use a either a 225/60 or 235/60 tire...the 235 would probably look better.

My suggestion though is to hit up a local wheel shop. If Pheonix is anything like Tucson there are hundreds of them. They'll be able to measure and test fit a wheel for you and tell you exactly what fits best. Do Not I Repeat DO NOT just buy a wheel off E-bay or an online store because they tell you it will fit. Working at the Local Jack Furriers, I've dealt w/ tons of people that bought wheel that ended up not fitting properly.
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