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Oldsmobile Forum: This is driving me crazy! Wiper won't park.
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Old March 6th, 2012
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This is driving me crazy! Wiper won't park.


Got the car back from AAMCO with total rebuild, but the wipers were stopped some inches from the parked position. Didn't think much of it. However, all my efforts to see what's wrong have failed.

I can leave all the arms/cams etc in the Haynes diagram position, but when I run the wipers the paul just drops back into the slot and does not come out when motor reverses to park.

I assume it has to be out and run round the cam - making the arm long enough to pull the blades right down. So far, it makes no sense at all.

Do you think the AAMCO guys needed to remove anything that high up to rock the engine? The engine stabilizers have been off, but no sign of anything else.

Anyway, I'm stuck with it. Anyone ever set these up after wiper motor replacement?
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Old April 14th, 2012
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What year car do you have?
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Old March 13th, 2015
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Just a little observation has led me to conclude the guys who did the wiper job removed the arms and didn't mark the original position when in park or tried to install them without the motor being at full park and missed it by a spline and it needs to be taken off, wiper motor put in park and then repositioned to park. Most of the time I have seen them off by one or two splines and this results in the wiper either not parking or flying off the edge of the windshield depending on which direction it is off.

Not too hard to fix but a pain to get some arms off the wiper transmission assembly.

To fix:

Remove the arms we are talking GM so it's probably a plastic cap over a 13mm nut if the car is newer.

now turn the wiper motor on then off to make sure the motor goes back to the correct park position.

line the splines of the arms up to the position you think the wiper looks right at park.

bolt them down with the lock washer and nut you took off.

Then test.

Careful prying to get the arm off you can break something easily removing them.

and yes sometimes there is a need to remove the arms to get access to the wiper motor. Also a worn out joint on the transmission assembly can cause erratic behavior or weird behavior so lift the plastic cover and check the transmission assembly for any play since the arms gotta come off anyway.

Most of the wiper assembly problems occur from just fast reinstalls where the person just neglected to set the arm correctly on the splines. So if there is a problem with the transmission assembly I would not go back to them ever because it is something they should have caught.

Seeing as how this is a how to I will leave my post. I did not realize the OP never posted back and the question was this old as I didn't bother looking at the date because it was fairly close to the top of the list.

Last edited by Evilcowboy420; March 13th, 2015 at 02:20 AM. Reason: Old as hell post.
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