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Oldsmobile Forum: Interior Lighting Issues
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Old January 2nd, 2019
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Interior Lighting Issues

I have a few questions about some interior lighting (possible) issues on my 02 Intrigue.

First, unfortunately I cannot remember when the light around the ignition key switch is illuminated or should be anyway. Mine illuminates when I press the keyless entry unlock and goes out when I start the engine and remains out even if the parking or headlights come on. It turns back on when I shut the engine off.

Secondly, I cannot remember if the little red light(s) in the transmission selector in the console that show which gear you are in is supposed to be lit up all the time (i.e. anytime the engine is running) or if it only should be lit when the parking or headlights are turned on. Currently, it only lights up when the parking and headlights are turned on.

Lastly, I am having and intermittent problem with all the interior lights. Sometimes when I press the keyless unlock button to enter the vehicle or turn the engine off to exit the vehicle the interior lights do not come on at all but other times they do. All other functions on the vehicle seem to work fine.

Any thoughts would be appreciated!
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Old January 3rd, 2019
01OldsIntrigueOwner 01OldsIntrigueOwner is offline
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1) The ignition key switch light should illuminate with the unlock and lock button pressed on the remote and shuts off when you start the car (the light still illuminates with the key at accessory or on).
2) The lights in the instrument cluster for the gear selection (red for park and reverse, green for neutral, Drive, 3rd, 2nd, and 1st) should illuminate regardless of the headlights being on or off, or if you're talking about the gear selection in the center console, that should light up only when the car's headlights are on.
3) Could be a wiring issue tied to the lights or the relays for said interior lights are starting to go.

When was the last time you checked and got the wiring replaced on your car? It could also be the turn signal/headlight (hi or low beam) switch arm on the left side that's starting to act up.

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Old January 4th, 2019
stuhrling stuhrling is offline
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Well, I get interior lights if I turn the key to the on position. When I turn the key to the off position the lights time out as they should. But, when I open any of the doors no lights come on. Sometimes after the car has been sitting for a bit and I go and open the door the lights come on that ONE Time only. If I try to turn the lights on with the dimmer switch when the lights do not come on from opening the door they still do not turn on. I tried replacing the ignition switch as I keep a spare one on hand and still know difference.
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