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Oldsmobile Forum: Creating Board Friendly Sigs 101..
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Old March 10th, 2005
quantum110 quantum110 is offline
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This isn't really an Olds Tut or Faq. This is just something I consider board ediquet. This should help you create the best looking sig in the smallest possible size. If you feel you can't perform the tasks here (or just don't own PS) and want a nice sig made, I may be willing to create a few for some people. If you want me to create one, you just need to understand it may take anywere from a few hours to a couple of weeks to see a finished product. Stuff like this is done on my free time, and I have a lot of different hobbies that take up most of that time.

***This little Tutorial assumes you have basic PS Knowledge***

Start w/ a High quality image. Pics or images w/ a resolution of 72pixles/in and 800x600 or higher work best.


The first the you want to do is Crop out any un-needed space. Do we really need to see 25pix of Sky above the subject and 50pix of your yard or driveway to left or right of it. Of couse leave some room for some text if you want.

Now add some text if wanted. Keep it simple adding effects (i.e. Bevel, cont, Shadow, Glow) increases the image size. Also effects do not compress well. Ask yourselfo I need my screen name in the image if it's already in the upper left of every post? Do I need to list the mods, or can I provide a link to a post or website w/ that info?

Adding Smart Blur Decreases image size. Select the base image..select Filter>Blur>Smart Blur...Adjust this to your preferance. Keep in mind that it will look a lot sharper when resized. You can use the Navigator to veiw the image at less than 100% to get an Idea what your blur will look like when resized. Or you can actually resize the image then use "Step Backwards" to return to you editing size.

If you like what you have it's time to resize and save. Alway Use "Save for Web." I resized the width of this image to 400. Select JPEG to the right. Start at 0 on the quality slider and work your way up to a desirealbe quality.

Notice that the image size is nearly 6k greater using a lot of text and effects...

This image probably could easily go under 20k, but its a good example. Most actual photographs drive the image size higher than a screenshot like this.
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Old April 1st, 2005
Sal Collaziano Sal Collaziano is offline
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Thank you!
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Old April 23rd, 2006
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I appreciate the tutorial Sal. I don't have PS but this can help me when I post my pics. Thanks.
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