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Oldsmobile Forum: My '94 was stolen today
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My '94 was stolen today

I wrote this earlier this evening and somehow it disappeared when I just now went looking for it. Are posts disappearing from this forum?

I'll try again. Maybe I did something wrong. It certainly doesn't seem to be my day.

I live in a safe neighborhood . . . or at least it used to be safe. A place where you can leave your car windows down and not worry about somebody grabbing a camera or whatever. For the 17 years I've owned this property it's been a place I could even leave my keys in the car without worrying, but the times they are a'changing.

My '94 was in (to my eyes anyway) showroom condition when I bought it in Ft. Gibson, OK back in 2009 or so. I meant to keep it the way I got it but somehow things didn't work out that way. I can't remember the last time I waxed it. I even stopped being as diligent as I used to be in changing transmission fluid & filter. Heck, it's probably been a year since I even did an oil change. I didn't lose respect for the car . . . it's been wonderfully reliable. I'm just at an age (72) where I seem to be letting a lot of things go. Lots of old friends are dead and I've just not got much enthusiasm anymore.

Re my trusty 98 that is now MIA, other than the AC compressor I haven't had any major expenses in the 8 years I've had it . . . cheezzzzeee . . . has it been 8 years? Yep. It's friggin' amazing how time evaporates once we get into our 60's and beyond.

As I was saying, the AC compressor was about the most expensive maintenance that this car presented me with. Until recently when I had three fuel pumps go out one after the other. The one that came with the car lasted from 112K to 189K. When it failed I took it to a shop I haven't been to for a long time (since my main trustworthy shop retired) and they put in an O'Reilly pump. Within three months it failed. The shop honored their warranty and put another one in, same quality. Unfortunately the second O'Reilly pump failed out in the Mojave Desert on my way from San Diego to Las Vegas. The shop warranty had expired by then but I was too far away in any event. The shop in Barstow put in a Delphi which is what the first shop should have used to start with - Delphi or AC Delco. They charged me enough for the job - they should have put a good pump in for that kind of money. Between five and six hundred. Certain things that are really hard to get to you just don't go with cheapo parts. Needless to say I won't be going back to Van's Automotive in El Cajon, CA.

So . . . my trusty '94 was stolen from in front of my house last night. I went out about three this afternoon to use the car and there was a big empty space where my car should have been. Boy . . . what a feeling.

The Sheriff said stolen cars are found in about 50% of the cases so I have some small hope it'll turn up.

I've already started shopping however, just in case. Amazingly, I found a '95 with 149K miles that looks like it just came off the line in Detroit - or whatever town (I forget) it was where they built them. Various places I imagine. This car, at least in the pictures and reading the Carfax is NICE. It's had the plenum gasket job done quite a while back. I'm reading the engine is 205 HP instead of the 170 I had with my '94. Is there anyone reading this forum that can comment on any other differences between the 94 and 95? Book values on these old cars don't mean much when they get this old but can anyone suggest a figure that would be a a fair price? I paid $2750 for my '94 back in 2008. The dealer is asking that same figure for this '95, 8 years later! It looks like a new car but so did my '94 at the time.

Hope somebody reading this has some experience with the 95 98's and can guide me a bit on things I ought to know.


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I am sorry about your loss. I really am. I hope it turns up in full condition, but if not... I am sorry because it hurts because you cared for your car. I hope you get another Ninety Eight. The body style ran from 1991-1996. The upgrades came in 1994 with the styling. There were improvements made in 1995 and 1996. I own a 1995. I owned a 1994 years ago. Some things that changed were the seats went up to 8 way power seats up from six way power. The engine went up in horsepower as a Series II 3800 V6. There have been other changes too. Look at those two years too. I have been there with the fuel pump issue. Only use AC Delco parts on your car. GM used to own Delphi back in the day. The best place to find AC Delco parts online is Rock Auto and Amazon. Sometimes Ebay depending on what it is. The plant was Orion Township in Michigan where it was built.

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Old 4 Weeks Ago
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Mike this is terrible!

I had a car stolen once, it was my '90 "88". They found it on a side street in Detroit sitting on the brakes. It was ransacked, and the thief had spit out a half eaten granola bar on the dash that I left in the car.

After I got the car back I nearly sold it because I just couldn't stomach it. It passed after a few months.

I think the worst feeling is that you have zero recourse. Best of luck with finding and buying a "new" Oldsmobile!
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